EMAG business activities

After 16+ years of aggressive activities SvyazKomplekt trade mark is well known and recognized by most telecom, VDV and electrician professionals. We have strong relation with most of telecom operators, most of power generation and distribution companies, most of major country-wide corporate telecom networks and most of VDV, low and high voltage electrical contractors and integrators.

EMAG is an unchallenged leader in the distribution of high-quality telecommunications, networking, electrical products, test tools and tools in Russia and CIS. We are a major supplier for public and private power industry companies, telecom networks, IT industry, manufacturing facilities.

EMAG is also an expert provider of related supply chain-, project management, and logistics services. EMAG Group helps its customers to power and network their facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency.

EMAG participates in most major trade shows in Moscow and Russian regions, in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

EMAG advertises products and services through a wide range of Russian media. Our authors issued in major professional magazines and Internet recourses (articles, videos on products and product applications, short news). To support web activities EMAG Group has all neсessary resources to provide unique multImedia content.

We have developed and are supporting several web sites to advertise products, support sales and provide clients on-line with detailed technical information and manuals in Russian by our web forces and with cooperation with several vendors.

EMAG arranges and support certification and homologation processes of foreign vendors products according to Russian requirements. We translate all manuals and support materials into Russian. EMAG Group designs, provides all preprint work and print advertising brochures, fliers and manuals in Russian in order to supply the dealer network and end user.

EMAG provides 24x7 high quality tech support for all clients.

We cooperate with several Moscow major universities and their postgraduate training centers in order to propagate information about new technologies. We cooperate also on the same matter with several corporate training centers.