EMAG product lines

Corporate Communication Systems Department

Audio and video equipment (сonference and congress systems, audio and video personal and group terminals, AV control systems, switches, converters, extenders, video wall displays, system integration and projects).

Major vendors:

  • Adeo (projection screens, distributor),
  • AudiPack (Interpreter booths, AV equipment mountings, distributor),
  • Clear One Communication (audio conferencing equipment, distributor),
  • CNIT (video wall displays, solo distributor),
  • Compunetix (videoconferencing servers, solo distributor),
  • DIS-Shure (audioconferencing systems, distributor),
  • DynaScan (video wall displays, distributor),
  • Kensence (switches, converters, extenders and fiber optic equipment, solo distributor)
  • Konftel (audioconferencing equipment, solo distributor),
  • Neets (AV control systems, solo distributor),
  • Radvision (videoconferencing equipment, distributor),
  • Realtronix (audio conferencing and congress systems, solo distributor),
  • Tendzone (Audio digital processors and amplifiers, solo distributor),
  • Unicol (AV equipment mountings, distributor).

PBX add-ons and CTI (messaging systems, autoattendants, voicemail and faxmail systems, GSM and VoIP gateways, voice and CDR loggers, computer-telephony systems, WiFi access points and controllers).

Major vendors:

  • 2N Telekomunikace (GSM gateways, 3G routers, GSM-IP-PBX, door and lift communicators, SW SMS-server, distributor),
  • AddPac Technology (VoIP/GSM gateways, door communicators, solo distributor)
  • Edimax (WiFi access points and controllers, distributor)
  • Pheenet (WiFi access points and controllers, solo distributor)
  • Telros (audioconference bridges, distributor),
  • Topex (GSM gateways, media gateways, 3G routers, GSM-IP-PBX, solo distributor),
  • TelecomFM (GSM gateways, 3G routers, distributor),
  • ICON (messaging systems, autoattendants and voicemail systems, distributor).

Headsets (call-center, office, SOHO, cellular, computer headsets and adaptors).

Major vendors:

Plantronics (headsets, master distributor).

Wireless Home/Office automation systems (automation gateway, wireless modules: control lighting, heating, shades, security cameras, etc.)

Major vendors:

  • Qubino (wireless modules, solo distributor),
  • NeticHome (automation gateway, wireless modules, solo distributor).

Cabling infrastructure (copper and fiber optical VDV cables and patch cords, electrical cables, SCS components, in-building power distribution system components, cross-connect equipment, OSP equipment and products, labels and markers and more).

Major vendors:

  • Eliks Cable (copper and fiber optic cables, distributor),
  • PIK (steel frames and boxes for cross connect equipment, distributor),
  • TOMASS (steel frames and boxes for cross connect equipment, distributor).

Telecom Tools Department

Hand tools, test tools and measuring equipment for contractors (telecom, electrical, alarm/security, VDV) and engineering departments (IT, service, repair).

Major vendors:

  • Agilent Technologies (Electronic Test & Measurement equipment),
  • Arrow Fasters Company (staplers, riveters, glue guns, solo distributor),
  • EMAG (professional tool kits, solo distributor),
  • Diager (drill bits, core bits),
  • Elektronika (PCM and data transmission measurements, Telephone & Exchange measurements, Cable Qualification & Fault Location, Ethernet measurements, Level Test Sets, Accessories & Components),
  • Fluke Networks (Datacom cabling, IT networking, Telecomtools),
  • Greenlee (cabling tools - cable cutters and strippers, crimping tools, fish tapes, drilling tools, punching tools, bending tools, master distributor),
  • ILSINTECH (Fusion cplicers),
  • Intec (Testers: xDSL, ISDN, POTS, Triple Play),
  • Hobbes and Co., Ltd (LAN testers, wifi detectors, tool sets),
  • Jensen (tool kits, cases, solo distributor),
  • JDSU (Instruments, systems, software, and services that enable broadband communications; сomponents, modules, and subsystems for self-aware networks),
  • Jonard Industries (wrapping tools, solo distributor),
  • Katimex Cielker GmbH (cable pulling systems and accessories),
  • Klauke Textron,
  • OK Industries (wrapping tools, solo distributor),
  • Paladin Tools (cable tools for twisted pair, fiber optic and coaxial),
  • Pelsue (tents, ventilators and heaters, solo distributor),
  • Pressmaster (stripping and crimping tools, distributor),
  • Psiber Data Systems (LAN testers, cable testers, solo distributor),
  • Ridge Tool Company (Diagnostics and Locating tools),
  • SebaKMT (Cable and Pipe Line Locating),
  • Standard Pneumatic (wrapping tools, solo distributor),
  • Stanley Works (hand tools, distributor),
  • Streamlight (industrial lights, distributor),
  • Tempo Textron (test equipment - cable locators, fault locators, test sets, ISDN/ADSL testers, fiber optic testers, LAN testers, multimeters, clamp meters etc.; cutting/stripping/crimping tools, fishing tools, etc., master distributor),
  • The VON Corporation (Hight Voltage Test Sets),
  • Walker Equipment (test sets, solo distributor).